SierraHosts Recommends SiteGround Hosting

As of today, SierraHosts no longer offers stand-alone hosting services.

If you need web hosting, we highly recommend SiteGround Hosting.

SierraHosts will continue to support existing hosting clients until their pre-paid hosting accounts expire. At that time, we recommend that your website/s be migrated to SiteGround hosting.

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Tame That Spam!

Email spam prevention

Everyone hates spam. It seems that as soon as one gets a new email address, the Inbox is already cluttered with unwanted ads and messages.

The good news is that there are several effective strategies you can use to minimize or eliminate spam entirely.

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How to Use Webmail

All of our hosting plans include webmail. The great thing about having your own webmail server is that you can maintain your privacy and control your data rather than giving it away for free to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft who all use it in order to serve up ads. You won’t find any ads with … Read more

Setting Up Email Addresses with cPanel

One of the best things about having your own domain and server is the ability to set up custom email addresses that contain your domain name. I always recommend that businesses and professionals who have their own website use custom email addresses on their business cards and marketing materials rather than personal Gmail, Hotmail, or … Read more