Thinking About an IDX Website? Think Twice.

I can’t believe iHomefinder right now.

They almost literally destroyed a local realtor’s website & SEO by convincing them they needed a new website. Then they started getting to work.

What did they do? Why was a new site so imperative? What additional value was being added?

Well it turns out that all iHomefinder did was create a duplicate WordPress site, changed the realtor’s existing high-performance GeneratePress theme to Divi (for their own inexperienced designer’s needs I presume), replaced all the strategically-placed h2 and h3 tags with h1 tags, lost the lead form and conversion features, left out all the background images AND completely changed the page URLs and page titles to what they weren’t before!

Complete. Amateur. Jackassery.

Want to fast-track your site’s position to page 10 in search engine results? This is exactly how you do it!

It’s just unfathomable that an established company would bring absolutely ZERO additional value to a client like this.

What exactly was iHomefinder thinking? Were they thinking?

Yes, they were… about their own revenue, not the best interests of their clients.

Fortunately I was able to catch this before the realtor gave them the go-ahead.

You’re Fired!

He promptly called the inexperienced OmniPress team iHomefinder to tell them to stop all work.

Don’t Make Noob Mistakes

Look, if you are a realtor with a website and you are looking at iHomefinder’s OmniPress product, BEWARE. They will likely mess up your website layout and your search engine rankings because they simply don’t seem to know what they are doing or how they could be harming you. It’s either that, or they just don’t care.

They know most realtors don’t know about geeky stuff like web design, performance optimization and SEO — so they assume realtors won’t notice when all those features completely disappear during the move to OmniPress.

Don’t get me wrong — iHomefinder makes a fine IDX plugin for real estate listings. It’s great, I recommend it to every realtor, and I also hear that their CRM and email automation is getting even better.

I don’t mean to knock the entire iHomefinder team here.

But their OmniPress IDX websites? Forget about it if you already have a WordPress website.

And especially if your website has already been optimized for SEO!

If you don’t have a website, then OmniPress might make sense. But not if they’re still using the Divi page builder on the client sites they’re building. C’mon, really?

But if you’re not sure, talk to a professional like me before you make a costly mistake.